Special Permit

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration has issued Special Permit DOT-SP-20222 in connection with certain MC-331 cargo tanks and cargo tank motor vehicles manufactured by Trinity Containers, LLC during the time period 1999-2015. For a copy of DOT-SP 20222 please click here.

Pursuant to Section 8(g) of the special permit, Trinity Containers will provide markings that conform to 49 CFR § 172.302(c) for the cargo tanks and cargo tank motor vehicles covered by this special permit. Trinity Containers will also reimburse you for your time in applying the marking.

To determine if a barrel that you currently own, service, or recertify qualifies for a marking kit and reimbursement, please click here.

Marking Process

Click on the link above to determine if a cargo tank or cargo tank motor vehicle that you currently own, service, or recertify is covered by the special permit and qualifies for the marking kit and reimbursement.

Step 1:

If your barrel qualifies, please email us at tank.engineering@arcosa.com to begin the marking process.

Step 2:

Trinity Containers will send you a marking kit, which will include the following:

  • “DOT-SP 20222” decal
  • Alcohol Surface Preparation Wipe
  • Plastic Decal Squeegee
  • Instruction Sheet
Step 3:

After Trinity confirms application of the marking, we will send you a reimbursement payment.

Step 4:


Thank you for your time, and if you have any questions about Special Permit DOT-SP-20222, please email us at tank.engineering@arcosa.com.