Our History

Trinity Industries is an American success story of corporate daring, hard work and vision. Led for 40 years by industrial visionary W. Ray Wallace, Trinity grew from two struggling propane tank companies into a multi-billion dollar diversified manufacturing company. Today, with more than 12 million square feet of manufacturing space, Trinity Industries is one of North America's leading diversified industrial companies. Trinity owns market-leading businesses which provide products and services to the energy, transportation, chemical and construction sectors.

The company, first known as Trinity Steel, was founded by C. J. Bender in Dallas in 1933. W. Ray Wallace, an engineering graduate of Louisiana Tech, worked for Austin Bridge Company in 1944 before joining Trinity in 1946 as its seventeenth employee. At the time, Trinity Steel manufactured butane tanks in a Dallas County mule barn. In 1958 Trinity Steel merged with Dallas Tank Company, also founded in 1933, to form Trinity Industries, Inc. Ray Wallace became the new firm's president and first chief executive officer.

As Ray Wallace boldly entered new markets, Trinity acquired some of the most illustrious names in American industry, including Mosher Steel Company, Equitable Shipyards and railcar designs from The Pullman Standard Company. Wallace was adept at peering over the horizon to identify market opportunities. Developing and acquiring best in class expertise to capitalize on emerging opportunities became part of Trinity Industries' DNA.

Now led by his son, Tim Wallace, Trinity Industries continues to position itself to thrive in the markets where they participate. Industrial historian and author Jeffrey L. Rodengen tells the fascinating story in The legend of Trinity Industries.

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