Anhydrous Ammonia Tanks - (NH3) The Shorty

2,000 wg

Trinity Containers consistently provides product improvement and innovation to our NH3 tanks to meet the needs of today's Farmers.

  • 2000 NH3 60” O.D. x 16’ 0” O.A.L. 120” leg space
  • 8 feet shorter than standard 2000 NH3 tank
  • All couplings and openings are double pass welded and located in the Head of the tank
  • Expanded front valve/gauge arrangement and removable guard for easy access
  • Advanced combo percentage/liquid level gauge
  • Conforms to the latest edition and addenda of the ASME code for pressure vessels, Section VIII, Division 1.
  • Complies with CGA G-2.1
  • Registered with the National Board


pdfProduct Info & Specification Sheet
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Updated: 01/27/2016

NH3 Eyewash Safety Kit


Our tanks are equipped with permanently attached stainless steel brackets to accommodate top and side mount eye wash container and safety kit (sold separately).